Spencer King: Comedian

Not gonna happen. RT @Alyssa_Milano: #Canucks please. Thank you.

The guy on this bigfoot show called it a ‘squatch.’ In totally unrelated news, I have a new favorite word.

Passed by the SLC Pride fest today. One of the gates was labeled “exit only” but that’s where everyone was going in. Weird.

Saturday night in SLC with myself and @michaelianblack. Come for him, put up with me for a few minutes.

My arms and legs have no fat on them. All my fat is in my face and torso. I’m a real life Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dum.

That think B4 you speak campaign is gay. #NBA

I don’t think Belinda Carlisle saw any of this coming. #heavenisnotaplaceonearth

Cool site for business owners. This includes you comedians too. http://bit.ly/j2u0vq